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Han's Yueming, Achieve Charm Paper Cutting

Han's Yueming, Achieve Charm Paper Cutting

Today, science and technology are advancing with each passing day. China's paper-cutting combined with the most advanced high-tech laser processing technology, keeps pace with the times, pioneers and innovates, and brings new charm to paper-cutting. The fusion of Han's Yueming laser engraving and cutting machine with traditional Chinese national culture has given our paper-cut art a new vitality. Paper-cut works are not only Chinese souvenirs, but also decorations, as well as gifts for relatives and friends. They have a high appreciation, decoration, collection and social value.

Laser paper cutting is a brand new paper cutting processing method which is different from traditional and belongs to high-tech process. It is a handicraft that uses the high energy density of laser light to irradiate the surface of paper, cut through the paper and produce a clear hollow pattern. Han's Yueming perfected the combination of laser processing technology and paper-cutting art, which brought the Chinese folk traditional decorative art, paper - cutting art, to a new level. Han's Yueming laser paper cutting processing can process any complex graphics, less waste, high utilization, particularly delicate and delicate patterns, and high processing efficiency. The efficiency of the laser engraving and cutting machine is several times or even dozens of times that of ordinary manual paper cutting. The laser engraving and cutting machine produced by Han's Yueming provides technical guarantee for large-scale industrial production of paper-cutting crafts with Chinese characteristics. Han's Yueming 's laser paper-cutting opened a skylight to the infinite for paper-cutting art, brought new life to paper-cutting art, let the paper-cutting art go to the world, and make the future of paper-cutting art more brilliant.

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