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Application of laser knife mold machine in color box packaging industry

Application of laser knife mold machine in color box packaging industry

With the rapid development of the world economy, the market has increased demand for packaging boxes and boxes. At the same time, it has been accompanied by improvements in plate-making processes, improved quality requirements, small batches and multiple batches of products, shortened delivery times, and increased costs. Therefore, traditional The manual die-cutting box making process will be difficult to meet the above requirements and will be eliminated, and the precision die-cutting board processing technology using laser processing is therefore increasingly used.

Die cutting is the cutting process before the packaging box is formed. It is to make the packaging box, box or other sheet-like products to be die-cut into a die-cutting blade board inlaid with a thin blade according to the product graphics. Into the die-cutting machine, the product sheet is cut with pressure to remove the excess part and the bending line segment to form a molding blank of a packaging box, a packaging box, or a sheet-shaped molded product.

The laser knife mold machine has been developed in recent years. The high thermal energy of the laser is used to ablate the die-cutting plate at a high depth to form a slit. The slits are aligned and the width of the slits is uniform. The operation is fully automated, with fast delivery, high efficiency and low cost. , Is the best choice to replace manual operations to produce precision die cutting boards.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching. The exquisite and unique color box packaging will add a bit of flavor to the moon cake, which will promote the sales to increase. The excellent color box packaging design will rely on an advanced laser knife mold machine. The YM-1218 constant light path laser cutting machine produced by Han's Yueming Laser is a professional machine for the production of die cutting boards in the color box packaging industry. This laser knife molder is equipped with precision CNC machine tools and a highly rigid frame structure; it has good overall rigidity, stability and dynamic performance; it can improve the working efficiency by several to ten times compared to manual plate making; for special-shaped plates, Multi-layer boards and die-cut boards without mottled edges on both sides, the cumulative error of laser cutting is small, and the finished products are very beautiful; when a large number of production requires multiple identical die-cut boards, you only need to call up the program and cut it, so repeat Processing is impossible with traditional craftsmanship.

Laser knife mold machine integrates the application of laser, precision machinery, computer control and other technologies to process die-cutting and indentation plates. The operation is relatively simple. As long as the parameters of the product to be die-cut and the thickness of the cardboard are input into the computer, the production of the base plate can be controlled. With many design styles and short production cycles, you can easily design a variety of patterns and modify the design at any time. This enables the color box packaging industry to save more time in the process of design to mass production and obtain maximum profits in the shortest time. Therefore, the laser knife mold machine has a very large development potential, which will also bring about new opportunities for the development of the color box packaging industry.

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