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  • Application of laser knife mold machine in color box packaging industry -2012-08-03
  • Introduction: Laser knife mold machine integrates the application of laser, precision machinery, computer control and other technologies to process die-cutting and indentation boards. The operation is relatively simple. As long as the parameters of the product to be die-cut and the thickness of the cardboard are input into the computer, the production of the base plate can be controlled. With many design styles and short production cycles, you can easily design a variety of patterns and modify the design at any time. This enables the color box packaging industry to save more time in the process of design to mass production and obtain maximum profits in the shortest time. Therefore, the laser knife mold machine has a very large development potential, which will also bring about new opportunities for the development of the color box packaging industry.
  • Application of laser marking machine in hardware industry -2012-06-21
  • Introduction: As a new type of marking equipment, laser marking machines are gradually showing more and more excellent performance and quality. The use of laser marking machines has been increasing year by year, especially in the application of hardware products.
  • Application of laser engraving and cutting machine in advertising industry -2012-06-20
  • Introduction: Laser engraving and cutting machine combines all the advantages of laser cutting and laser engraving, which is more cost-effective, and puts forward higher requirements for control systems and lasers, mainly for products that require both model effects and graphic effects. Laser engraving and cutting machine is mainly used in the advertising industry for signs, photo albums, street signs, signs and other crafts and indicative signs.
  • The advantages of laser cutting machine in furniture manufacturing -2012-05-29
  • Introduction: Compared with the traditional knife and scissors process, the laser cutting machine has a cutting speed of more than 40 meters per minute, and runs smoothly with fine incisions, thus providing a new and practical technical solution for the development of the furniture manufacturing industry. Therefore, the laser cutting machine has gradually become an alternative process for knife manufacturing in the furniture manufacturing industry.
  • Principles and advantages of laser wire stripping machine -2011-06-14
  • Introduction: Use the thermal decomposition effect of laser or the effect of destroying molecular chain to process the materials to be stripped. According to the material characteristics of different layers, two different laser types can be selected to process the wire.
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