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  • Main points of laser engraving machine failure -2008-03-24
  • Introduction: 1. The fulcrum of the laser tube installation should be reasonable. The fulcrum should be 1/4 of the total length of the laser tube, otherwise the laser tube spot pattern will be deteriorated, and the light spot will become several points for a period of time, which will cause the laser power to drop. Meet the requirements, resulting in continuous tube replacement, carefully read "Precautions for the use of laser tubes".
    2. The cooling system should be grounded, and the water tank and waterway should be cleaned frequently. The temperature control point of the refrigeration temperature control water tank should be reasonable, otherwise the laser tube will be easily damaged and the condensation function ...
  • Improper reset, start-up trolley or beam jitter, start-up against wall -2008-03-24
  • brief introduction:
    Symptoms: The direction of the reset when the machine is turned on is wrong, the trolley or beam is shaken, the reset trolley or the beam hits the wall; an obvious buzzing sound can be heard when the motor runs.
    Cause of failure: This type of failure is mainly caused by incorrect parameter settings or incorrect wiring after replacing the main board and motor driver and rewiring; followed by loosening of mechanical, sensor, motor driver, and driver wiring.
    Method of exclusion: ...
  • Automatically reset, stop engraving, missing engraving, random engraving during work -2008-03-24
  • Introduction: Fault phenomenon:
    During the processing, the machine automatically resets suddenly, and the machine returns to the origin of the machine. There are engraving, missing, and random cutting in the middle.
    cause of issue:
    The main reasons are caused by loose control panels, network cable connections, unreliable motherboards and grounding wires, and minor high-voltage ignition faults.
    Method of exclusion:
    1. Check the grounding condition of the machine and measure whether the ground wire meets the standard (the resistance to ground should not be greater than 5 ohms). The ground wire needs to be modified to meet the relevant standards. ...
  • Continuous light emission, intermittent light emission, unstable current or uncontrolled -2008-03-24
  • Introduction: Fault phenomenon: All the light output is abnormal. On the high-voltage side, the ammeter is connected in series. It can be seen that the ammeter displays an abnormality. Otherwise, there is a current for a long time, or sometimes there is no current, sometimes it is not controlled.
    Cause of failure: The main reason is the wrong choice of laser type, main board, wiring board, power supply or control line connection, and cooling water circulation system failure.
    Method of exclusion:
    1.Parameter setting ...
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