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  • Optical path adjustment of laser equipment -2008-03-24
  • brief introduction:

    1 Technical requirements for installing safety ground -2008-01-22

  • Description of content: 1. The grounding device must be driven into any wet place around the house with 2-4 4 × 35 × 1500mm angle steels, and the distance between each one is 1 meter. The root connection leads out of the ground to form a good grounding grid.

    2. Measure the resistance to ground with a meter after the grounding grid is connected. The standard resistance is 3 to 5 ohms.

    3.After measuring the resistance, use one ...
  • Selection of Cooling Machine for Laser Engraving Machine -2008-01-22
  • Introduction: When selecting the matching circulating cooler for the users of laser engraving machines, the following important factors should be considered:
    1. The power of the laser tube and the application of the laser machine.
    If the working temperature of the laser tube is too high, it will cause irrecoverable damage and weaken the laser output power. Long-term work at too high, the life of the temperature laser tube will be greatly shortened, such as the power and luminous rate of the laser tube ...
  • The composition of computer engraving machine -2008-01-21
  • Introduction: Computer engraving machine is composed of two parts:

    * Upper computer --- PC and related accessories such as scanners, printers
    * Lower computer --- computer laser engraving machine and its corresponding components.

    Host computer--The lower computer is connected into an organic whole through the RS-232 serial communication line. The characters and graphics formed by the computer are transmitted to the engraving machine through the serial line. The laser components are controlled by the microcomputer of the engraving machine, so ...
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