Juvenile green abalone reared on a PVC substrate.
These juveniles are 2-3  cm and about 6-8 months old.

At the Carlsbad Aquafarm, juvenile and adult green abalone are fed either of two macroalgae, Egregia menziesii, or Gracilaria pacifica.  The former is collected on local beaches as fresh drift deposits, while the latter is cultivated on site.

While the operation is small in scale compared to the major abalone farms in California, it does employ some rather innovative culture tanks and rearing methods.  A portion of the Leighton recirculating raceway system is shown on the preceding page.  While abalone may be reared to market size within the raceways, the bulk are transferred to grow-out barrels supported on long lines situated in the local Agua Hedionda Lagoon. 


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