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Practical knowledge of laser engraving machine

Practical knowledge of laser engraving machine

Installation: The fulcrum of the laser tube of the laser engraving machine should be reasonable. The fulcrum is at 1/4 of the laser tube. Otherwise, the spot pattern of the laser tube will be deteriorated, and the spot will become several points for a period of time, which will cause the laser power to fall. The cooling system should be grounded, and the water tank and waterway should be cleaned frequently. The control points of the cooling temperature-controlled water tank should be reasonable, otherwise the laser tube will be damaged and the dew condensation power will be reduced. The cold water head of the tube will fall off, and the life will be greatly shortened.

Cleaning: Water protection inspection and cleaning. Cooling water often cannot be washed away. Water protection float shape or water protection float switch does not reset. Cooling water quality is better. Water nozzle aluminum oxide is too serious. It is necessary to periodically clean the water pump and water pipe and water protection. Dirt inside, otherwise the laser tube bursts or the cold water head falls off; check and clean the air suction device and clean the fan air tube, otherwise the smoke and dust cannot be discharged, which will seriously contaminate the lens and the laser tube, and easily oxidize the mechanical and electronic parts Thousands of bad contacts; the optical path system should be cleaned properly, otherwise the laser tube will age and rupture prematurely; clean the moving parts of the machine, so that the machine can always be in excellent working condition.

Laser tube: The laser tube is made of glass and is fragile. Avoid local stress during installation and use. During the working process of the laser tube, no scale can be opened in the cooling water tube to avoid blockage of the cooling water and poor cooling effect. The appearance of scale, you can use 20% dilute hydrochloric acid to clean the cooling tube, and use it after removing the scale; the two support points of the laser tube must be 1/4 of the total length of the two ends of the laser tube or at the marked points to ensure that the cooling water flow is 2L ~ 4L / min, otherwise it will cause mode jumping and reduce laser power; customers are advised to use special cooling equipment for laser equipment to maximize the life of the laser tube.

Inspection: Laser engraving machine focus mirror and reflector inspection, the frame will heat up after work, the lens surface will become discolored and rusty; peeling and cracking are all objects to be replaced, especially many customers use air pumps and air compressors, In this way, water will quickly accumulate on the focusing lens; the power grid of the power grid is matched, and the power distribution and contact points of all parts of the entire device should be good; the honeycomb floor should be flat, otherwise the focal length will be inconsistent, and some places will not be cut through. Increased light intensity will also cause the laser tube to age.

Environment: The working environment of the machine is too harsh. The indoor temperature is higher than 40 ° C and lower than 0 ° C. There is too much dust and serious air pollution. This way the machine is seriously damaged, the faults are constantly rising, and the electrical components are prone to problems in humid environments. Work in an environment where the temperature does not exceed 30 ° C. Please turn on the cooling water first, adjust the position of the water outlet pipe using the principle of low inlet and high outlet, and ensure that the cooling water is filled with the laser tube. There should be no air bubbles in the tube, and then turn on the power.

Intensity: The working current of the laser tube must be reasonable, and it cannot work at a light intensity of 900 ~ 100 for a long time. The laser power supply should be free from heat, otherwise the working current will be increased by more than 50%, which will increase the failure rate of the laser power supply.

Machine assembly and disassembly: When installing or disassembling a laser engraving machine, the first thing to do is to observe the structure of each part, that is, the first transmission part of the machine and its movement law. Pay attention to its concentricity and verticality in the place of movement. Degree, parallelism, straightness, is to listen to the machine after installation and disassembly. For safety reasons, first test the machine by hand, and then turn on the machine without any abnormalities. Listen carefully to each sound made by the machine. The whole machine achieves low noise. No noise, otherwise it is abnormal, you must reinstall and debug.

Movement system: After the guide rail is replaced, pay attention to its parallelism. When sliding by hand, be flexible. The movement of the guide rail must be able to move in a straight line at a uniform speed. When disassembling the slider, you must first understand its structure. It is made up of many decimal point steel balls. Improper installation method will cause it to fall off. Regularly clean and replace the butter on the screw, and then use rust preventive oil to clean the screw. Before cleaning, use the light shaft and pulley under the screw. Separate the cloths to prevent the dirt and metal pulleys from being damaged by the falling dirt during cleaning. Clean the connection parts and the screws that can be touched, and apply oil to the surface so that it will not affect disassembly due to rust.

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