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Solutions to common problems of laser engraving machine

Solutions to common problems of laser engraving machine

The machine sometimes has light and sometimes no light : check whether the lens of the laser engraving machine is dirty or damaged, whether the optical path is seriously shifted; the optical path of the lens is normal, check whether the water cycle is normal, such as the water is intermittent; the water cycle is normal, it may be Water protection failure. When there is no laser when working, you can first check whether the laser tube emits light; if there is no light at the light outlet, check whether the water cycle is normal; if the water cycle is normal, see if the laser power indicator is on; press the laser power button.

Machine reset : The position where the laser head finally stays after the equipment is finished or reset operation is performed. If the user selects the mechanical origin, the laser head stays at the mechanical origin after the equipment finishes the operation or performs the reset operation. When turning on the machine, push the beam to move forward and backward with your hand, and the cart can move to the left and right without abnormal noise, so that you can turn on the power. This can hold the machine to avoid damage caused by foreign objects. The beam cannot be stopped with the beam; the beam is reset normally, and the trolley cannot be reset. The tensioner may be stuck or the motor shaft may be broken. The parameters are incorrect.

The machine stopped cutting, missing, or random cutting : check the grounding of the machine and measure whether the ground wire is up to standard; check if the computer has set a screen saver or power saving mode for the low-speed high-speed motherboard; check the original picture for errors, such as graphics cross, It is not closed and lacks strokes; if there are other graphics, there is no such problem, it is just that a certain graphic has such a problem.

The hook is not closed: measure whether the beams are parallel. Under normal circumstances, the left and right deviation is not greater than 2MM; check whether the tightness of the belt of the trolley and the beam is appropriate, and whether the tension of the belts on the two sides is the same; , Gently move the carriage up and down to see if there is a mechanical gap.

Cleaning or edge misalignment : Any graphics will cause misalignment when the machine runs too fast; enlarge the original graphics in the output software to see if the graphics themselves are misaligned; try another sample to see if there is a problem with a certain graphic ; Check whether the timing belt is too loose and whether the belts on both sides of the beam are the same tension; whether there is a gap between the motor and the drive shaft synchronization wheel; check whether the beam is parallel, whether the beam is parallel, and whether the beam support and the carriage slider are worn.

Cleaning and jagged edges: may be too fast; if output in BMP bitmap format, check the resolution of the original shape; whether the timing belt of the trolley and the beam is too loose or too tight; check the X-direction tension wheel, whether there is a gap due to wear ; Check whether the four lenses are damaged or loose, especially whether the reflector and focusing lens above the car head are firmly installed.

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