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Application of laser engraving machine in advertising industry

Application of laser engraving machine in advertising industry

Advantages of laser engraving and cutting

Laser engraving and cutting has a qualitative leap compared with traditional engraving and cutting. The laser engraving machine has a wide range of processing objects and is generally suitable for non-metallic materials; high precision and no deformation; non-contact processing to avoid the possibility of the workpiece surface being scratched by the processing tool; smooth cutting edges without grinding; less waste and flexible computer Typesetting reduces scrap space.

The application of laser engraving machine in the advertising industry is mainly divided into three working modes: engraving, cutting and engraving cutting.


Carving is mainly performed on the surface of the material. First, the required sculpted graphics are properly processed in the computer and converted into a format that can be output, and then the graphics are opened in the dedicated engraving and cutting software. According to the material being processed, it is enough to adjust the appropriate parameter settings. Click Run and the machine will perform engraving according to the dot matrix effect generated by the graphic file. Mainly suitable for the processing of wooden boards, two-color boards, plexiglass, colored paper and other materials.


Cutting can be understood as the separation of the edges. For such processing purposes, we should first make the graphics in the form of lines in a computer, and then save them in the corresponding format. Open the cutting operation software to open the file. Set the parameters such as energy and speed according to the material being processed, and then run. After receiving the instructions from the computer, the cutting machine will automatically cut according to the flight path generated by the software. Mainly suitable for the processing of wooden boards, two-color boards, plexiglass, colored paper and other materials, making crystal characters, trademarks, etc.

Carving and cutting

Engraving and cutting are mainly aimed at both graphic effects and model effects. In this processing method, first perform the steps of the engraving process, and then select "Edge Cutting" in the engraving and cutting software to achieve the purpose. Mainly applicable to the production of indicative signs such as street signs, signs, signs, photo albums, etc. Now, the engraving and cutting method has been widely promoted in the advertising industry.

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