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Application of laser equipment in the clothing industry

Application of laser equipment in the clothing industry

Laser equipment, with its advantages of precise, fast processing, simple operation, and high degree of automation, has quietly prevailed in the leather, textile and clothing industries. According to different processing methods, it can be divided into:

1. Laser cutting:

Advantages: The laser cutting process, because the fabric will not be deformed or wrinkled, the cutting size is highly accurate, and the cutting shape can be arbitrarily changed with the artwork, which increases the randomness and creativity of the design. In addition, laser cutting uses a light knife instead of a metal knife to cut any fabric. It can instantly melt and solidify the knife edge to achieve an automatic "edge-locking" function. The original traditional process uses a die cutter for cutting or hot cutting processing. The knife edge is easy to take off, the cut is yellow and stiff, and the laser cutting gap is small, accurate and automatically "locked", so it is an upgraded product of knife mold and hot cutting processing.

Laser engraving:

Advantages: The laser engraving machine is a laser device connected to the laser engraving software, and the artwork is automatically engraved. It is currently the most mature and widely used technology for laser processing. Any complex figure can be engraved, and can be carved with openwork and non-penetrating blind groove. As a result, various shades of different shades, different textures, and various magic patterns with layering and transition color effects are carved. Laser engraving has a high degree of automation, accurate engraving, fast speed, and easy and simple operation. Laser engraving meets the new international trend of garment processing.

Laser marking:

Advantages: Laser marking has high marking accuracy, fast speed, and clear marking. It can print various texts, symbols and patterns on the flat, curved surfaces and flying objects of hard, soft and brittle products. Laser marking is compatible with various advantages of laser cutting and engraving. It can be precisely processed on metal and organic polymer sheets, and can process complex patterns with small sizes. The printed mark has the anti-counterfeiting performance that can never be worn. It can be used to produce cloth labels, leather labels, metal labels, and various emblems and logos with complex and fine print patterns. Is the best choice for brand clothing and apparel processing.
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