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What makes exquisite shells come into our world-laser engraving machine

What makes exquisite shells come into our world-laser engraving machine

The shell of a shell mollusk has a special type of glandular cells whose secretions can form calcifications that protect the soft parts of the body, called shells. Shells are processed by laser engraving machines to produce various exquisite jewelry, which have been widely used in various industries.

Main ingredients and structure

The number, shape and structure of shells vary greatly, some species have a spiral shell (such as snail, snail, abalone); some species have two petal-shaped shells (such as mussels, tadpoles); some species It has 8 pieces of plate-shaped shells arranged in a shingle pattern (such as stone hoe); some types of 1 shell are enclosed in the body (such as squid, calamari); some types of shells are even completely degraded (such as boat stern) .

The main ingredients of shells are 95% calcium carbonate and a small amount of chitin. Generally, it can be divided into 3 layers. The outermost layer is a dark brown cuticle (shell skin). It is thin and transparent. It has the function of preventing carbonic acid erosion. It is composed of shell quality secreted by the outer edge of the outer membrane. ), Thicker, composed of prismatic calcite secreted from the edge of the mantle, the outer and middle layers can expand the area of the shell without increasing the thickness; the inner layer is the pearl layer (bottom), a leaf-like shape secreted by the entire surface of the mantle Stacked with vermiculite, it has a beautiful luster and thickens as the body grows.

business use

The shell of crustaceans such as clams. Some of them have a pearl-like iridescent luster, so they are used in the jewelry industry. Laser engraving machines are used to make necklaces, clothing jewelry (buttons, etc.), and even mounted on jewelry. Handle and so on. Among all kinds of shells, pinctada maxina produced in the Torres Strait in northern Australia, Manila Bay in the Philippines, Burmese shellfish in Myanmar, and giant clams and queen clams in the West Indies are preferred.

A century ago, the deep sea pearl was a luxurious and gorgeous symbol of European aristocracy. It possessed charming luster and changing colors like pearls, but also had different colors from pearls. The colored pearl shell that bred pearls is no less glorious than pearls. It has never been underestimated and buried for thousands of years. In the late Qing Dynasty, around the Hangjiahu Lake, shellfish such as clam shells were polished into buttons and decorated on high-end clothing. They have always been the most cherished and beautiful friends of designers. Especially in the past two years, jewellery-grade shell jewellery has begun to be more and more loved by people who like handsome and natural in our city. Mother-of-pearl is a natural material, so the color and texture of each piece are very unique, meeting the needs of more and more consumers for personalized jewelry. The processing of mother-of-pearl jewelry is very complicated, and the original mother-of-pearl has to be very Fine grinding, precise cutting, inlaying according to design requirements. After many processes, it can be made into a pleasing shell jewelry.

Decorate life

A small shell can also make a big difference. Fan-shaped, spiral-shaped, large, small, processed with laser engraving machine, carved various patterns, punched, worn, and hung up, you can escape the fate of being thrown away on the wall, The desktop was full of wind and displayed beautifully.

The large fan-shaped shells are completely decorated on the inner wall of the wooden bowl after being carved by the laser engraving machine and the special process of pressing. Such a bowl is more environmentally friendly to use. And if you put on a beautiful piece of beads, make a curtain and decorate it in front of the window, the Southeast Asian style home scene will be presented immediately.

If you place it by the sea, you will use it to listen to the sound of the sea, but in a natural-style home, it is very useful. Curtain buckles, small rings, and a little carving, shells can make your home show the Southeast Asian landscape.

The small conch picked up by the sea is smooth, round, and shiny. The two rings that are paired together to make a curtain buckle are just as beautiful. If you put them on the curtains at home, the curtains will also smell Shanghai style. If you want to add a personality element, you can use a laser engraving machine to process it, as long as there are shells of similar shape and size. A shell makes a tableware. Forks and spoons have their own uses, and they should be placed on the dining table.

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