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Have the best handbag designer and the best laser engraving machine

Have the best handbag designer and the best laser engraving machine

Regardless of style, color or material, the handbags that are popular this winter have changed a lot from the past. The combination of different fabrics and materials gives people a fresh and amazing feeling. The engraving is also more refined than before. Some handbags are also embellished with keys or lock pendants. The Han's Yueming laser engraving machine is applied to the handbag design to make the handbag more elegant and fashionable. These handbags are most popular with casual and casual soft bag designs. Cross-body and single-shoulder designs are no longer fashionable this season, and the styles of the handbags are the most fashionable. In terms of color, black, red, gold and other thicker colors become the best Choice; In addition, compact handbags with embellishments and sequins that emphasize comfort and style, have also become popular new favorites.

Laser engraving machine detail embellishment

In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the production of details. In recent years, designers especially like to make articles on details, such as beads, sequins, stones, shells, colored wood, etc. are all great embellishments, but the traditional carving process can not achieve the detailed carving of these small crafts. Thus limiting the designer's idea. The advent of the laser engraving machine has changed all this. It can not only sculpt on small crafts, but also sculpt on leather, cloth and accessories. The most obvious details of winter handbags are manifested in golden rivets and exaggerated buckles.

In this winter's new women's bags, there are many styles of inlaid rivets and metal buckles. For example, a new handbag of a certain brand is made of leather glaze, and dozens of copper-colored rivets are inlaid on the outside, which looks neutral. The exaggerated metal buckle is also the highlight of the handbag. In fact, the popularity of rivets on handbags continues the trend of clothing. Among the popular elements of this season's clothing, rivets have become a trend factor with a strong sense of fashion such as pants, skirts, tops, shoes, etc., and easy to match. The interaction between handbags and clothing not only shows the overall coordination and unification, but also conveys different wild beauty, which is wild, sexy, or generous.

Dark Dominate

The popularity of color is more or less an expression of a designer's mood. Dark colors have become mainstream this year, perhaps because of their return to and recollection of tradition. Some color consultants said that with the advent of retro fashion, vintage colors such as gold and brown will be popular again. In winter, dark colors such as black and brown were the main colors of the handbags, but this year, the golden handbags can be more fashionable. Gold is the overall fashion color in the winter fashion industry this year. Although not a lot of pure gold is used, many colors are combined with golden ingredients, such as gray gold, gold green, coffee gold, golden apricot, copper, etc. For large-area painting or embellishment of details, these colors make the handbag more noble and enhance the overall visual effect. In addition, although this season's handbags are mainly classic dark and gold, colorful and bright colors have also emerged in large numbers, such as white, pink, blue, etc. present a light, glorious, low-key texture, and fully interpret the woman's romantic mood.

Retro mashup

Some fashion people say that this year, when choosing handbags, they must follow this idea: the paper should be superior, a bit of old production and processing, and some practical details. The overall look is like an antique passed down by grandmother's grandmother. Such a handbag can be at least popular four seasons. From this point of view, the trend of retro distressing is still unabated, maybe it is not the British Victorian style, but at least it can find the nostalgic atmosphere of a certain country or region. This season, designers are making a fuss about national styles from all over the world, among which the Chinese style and the Bohemian style are more popular. On the appearance of the handbag, designers can use laser engraving machines to achieve the embroidery or embroidery. The engraved patterns with national style tendencies are fancy and romantic; or the vintage printing on soft leather is noble and soft.

This year's handbags show more designs, mainly in the mix and match of materials. For example, the combination of soft sheepskin and tough leather with engraved figure bank, the combination of woolen fabric and cowhide, the combination of fur and cloth or leather, etc., the mashup of these fabrics and leathers interprets new design concepts, realized by laser engraving machine Makes the bag unique.

In fact, people's consideration of bags in life is usually what style of clothing is matched with which style of bags. For example, cute and soft, fashionable clothes with fringed lace should be equipped with a small beaded handbag to create the image of an elegant Xiaojiabiyu; a suit of neutral tones and neutral style should be a simple and elegant office bag. The style of color jumping and the assembly of a dynamic backpack can bring youth and vitality. No matter how the trend changes, choosing the most suitable handbag is the most fashionable.

Han's Yueming laser engraving machine has also continuously updated technology with the market demand of the handbag industry to improve the diversity and timeliness of handbag products. What's more, the designer's thinking is no longer restricted by the processing technology, and every idea can be made into a practical product.

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