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Application of Holographic Label Technology in Laser Equipment

Application of Holographic Label Technology in Laser Equipment

Laser holography uses the basic laws of laser equipment such as laser scattering, reflection, transmission, diffraction, interference, and absorption to obtain some special visual effects. The laser holographic label is a label that combines the three functions of anti-counterfeiting, display promotion and beautification of life, which is made by applying laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology. Laser holographic labels are bright and colorful in the sun, but when the light is dark, they are "concealed, if not present", giving people a dreamlike feeling and unique artistic charm.

In recent years, with the rapid development of laser equipment , laser holographic labels can not only present a three-dimensional effect, but also cause a series of changes in the image with the change of the viewing angle. The effect is not achieved by ordinary printing methods, so it is widely used. In the fields of celebrity portraits, home appliances, medicine, food, health products, cosmetics, securities, cards and crafts, mass production of laser holographic labels has been realized.

Types of laser holographic labels

There are many types of laser holographic labels. Here are three commonly used ones.

1.Laser Holographic Sticker

This type of label is very convenient to use and can be completely glued to other locations after being removed from one location. Because it can be used repeatedly, it loses its anti-counterfeiting effect, so its application range is limited.

2. Laser holographic tamper-evident type

Also known as a one-time laser holographic label, its characteristics are: when the label is removed from the package, the pattern on the label is incomplete and cannot be used again or copied, so it plays a good role in anti-counterfeiting and makes up for the adhesive The shortcomings of the type laser holographic label cannot be forged. At present, the tamper-evident laser hologram label has been widely used, and it is the most promising one in the field of laser hologram labels.

3. Laser holographic stamping type

It adheres the laser holographic label tightly and completely to the packaged object to form a whole with it, and it cannot be peeled off. If the label is placed in a reasonable position, it can exert a good anti-counterfeiting effect, and it is currently used more.

In addition, the laser holographic label can also be encrypted by a laser device to improve the technical content of the laser holographic label. The encryption methods currently used are: low-frequency lithography, laser reading, optical scaling, random interference fringes, moire fringes, etc. Some of these encryption methods are difficult to identify and can play a good role in preventing forgery.

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