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The considerable value of laser engraving machines used in the carton printing industry

The considerable value of laser engraving machines used in the carton printing industry

The considerable value of laser engraving machines used in the carton printing industry

Traditional engraving is made by hand . After years of technical updates, laser engraving machines have been favored by the majority of enterprises and have gradually replaced manual engraving. Because the laser engraving machine is controlled by a computer, it has better stability, higher precision, clearer patterns and no errors than manual engraving. At the same time, the mechanical operation is much faster than manual, and the new design is not limited by tools. The designer can make the newly designed pattern immediately, the engraving efficiency is higher, and the production cycle is shorter.

The output power of a laser engraving machine is about 1000W. Due to the fast engraving speed and good stability, it is basically successful in one time, so it is relatively energy-saving. Because, at present, the carton industry generally uses laser engraving and resin plates as corrugated carton packaging printing plates. The laser engraving and manual engraving and resin plate are compared for analysis.

I. Laser engraving mechanism vs. resin plate

1. Laser engraving plate making cost is low, only a quarter of the cost of resin plate.
The production cost of resin plates is high. The average price of resin plates in the Pearl River Delta region is 1.25 yuan / in2, and laser engraving platemaking is 0.32 yuan / in2. Although large-scale production of resin plates can reduce the production cost to 0.90 yuan / in2, not all companies Do it. Even if the cost can be achieved, it is much higher than laser platemaking.

2. Laser engraving and plate-making have low energy consumption, and resin plate processing is highly polluting. Although the plate-making liquid recovery device is better than none, the recovery rate of the plate-making liquid cannot be 100%. Pollution is inevitable. Must be separate.

3. The size of the laser engraving can be infinite. The production site only needs more than ten square meters, and the working area of the resin plate exposure machine cannot be less than 40 square meters. In addition, the processing size is limited by the model. 2 meters of photosensitive flexible platemaking machine, only to produce resin plates within 2 meters.

4. The laser engraving plate uses a 0.3MM slope, and the durability is basically close to the resin plate. Only the resin plate with a size below seven is clearer than the laser engraving plate.

Second, laser engraving platemaking compared to industrial engraving platemaking

The technology used in the laser engraving mechanism version is completely imitated and optimized for hand-made plate design. At the same time, after continuous technical improvement and upgrading, the engraving has a slope of 0.3MM controlled by software, and the light attenuation at the engraving corner is automatically compensated. At the same time, the engraving speed has been greatly improved. Basically, hand-carved plates are eliminated. In addition, laser engraving and plate making completely eliminate errors in engraving, engraving errors in manual engraving are unavoidable, original manuscripts are good, a single knife error in manual engraving, and the entire layout is scrapped. If it is not found in time, the entire batch of cardboard boxes is often scrapped. Laser engraving is the use of software to enter the original into the automatic engraving without engraving errors. Laser engraving and plate making can achieve 40-60 lines of printing effect, manual plate making is below 40 lines. Laser engraving plates completely replace hand engraving plates.

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