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Generally, high-speed CM or YM series laser cutting machines are used for cloth cutting. Generally, 50mm focusing lens is used. The normal speed for single-layer cutting is 5 m / min, the light intensity is 40%, the power of the air pump, the quality and flatness of the honeycomb floor. The strong size will affect the cloth destruction effect. The greater the light intensity, the greater the heat radiation, and the lightness and thinness will create a gap. At present, the biggest problem of cutting is the phenomenon of yellowing. Put the fabric on the honeycomb floor flat, turn on the exhaust fan, and remove the dust in time to prevent the dust generated during cutting from yellowing the fabric. Turn on the air compressor to ensure that the fruit is blown out. Blow away impurities, volatiles and soot in the cutting slot. It is more ideal to use inert gas (such as nitrogen) for blowing.

(1). The cutting of ordinary fabrics (non-woven, polyester, Queliang, silk, satin, twill, etc.) are light and thin materials. In order to ensure the effect of incision, we generally use 50mm focusing lenses, with small light spots and small slits. Turn on the external equipment of the laser machine (exhaust air, blow air), and flatly adsorb the cloth on the honeycomb floor. To blow air, first use a high-power air pump compressor. Speed: Large graphics or smooth parts of external curves can use higher speeds. Take the CM machine as an example, generally at 3-10 m / min; small graphics or parts of the internal curves or many corners use low speed, generally 0.5- 3 m / min, light intensity: The matching principle of light intensity is to match high light intensity at high speed and small light intensity at low speed. Generally, the light intensity is 30-60 when adjusting; 18-35% at low speed, and there must be a difference in light intensity. Value, generally in the range of 5-15%, in order to achieve the matching of the size of light intensity when cutting straight and curved acceleration and deceleration.

(2) Special cloth cutting (white cotton, dust-free cloth, cloth containing PC and plastic components, etc.) Process requirements: White cotton is required to cut without yellowing, the dust-free cloth does not change color after cutting, and the cut is not hard. For the cloth, we must choose a 50mm focusing lens, preferably an imported RF laser, to ensure the quality and stability of the light spot. Turn on the exhaust and blow (the air compressor is turned on when cutting white cotton cloth), and nitrogen is recommended if possible. Speed: 1.5-3m / min, light intensity: 20-30%. To achieve the purpose of not yellowing and not hardening the incision, we must use moderate speed to match the appropriate light intensity to cut. Too fast speed we must It is necessary to increase the light intensity, so that the incision will become discolored or hardened due to high-temperature burnt at high light intensity. If the speed is too slow, the light can stay too long during the incision, and it can not achieve the desired effect. As far as the current equipment and technology are concerned, it is difficult to perfectly meet the requirements of this process, especially for the thick white cotton surface, the incision will be discolored, and the dust-free cloth will also appear slightly stiff.

(3) Cutting of double-layer cloth (adhesive) (the upper layer is cut through and the next layer is not damaged or slightly damaged). This is the processing technology of the electronics industry. It has high requirements for the matching of laser light control accuracy, stability and light intensity speed. At present, we generally use domestic glass tube proofing, which can basically achieve the effect, but it is recommended for large-scale processing. Imported RF laser. Turn on the air blower to adsorb the fabric evenly on the honeycomb, and adjust the flatness of the four corners of the honeycomb floor. Speed light intensity setting: The specific parameters depend on the material, and both can achieve a good match. Generally, the upper layer is about 1.5-6 meters and the light intensity is about 18-35; the next layer has no light intensity speed. Specific requirements, under the premise of ensuring better cut quality, you can open as fast as possible, and in addition, there must be a difference when setting the light intensity, so as to ensure that the cutting depth is consistent during acceleration and deceleration.

(4) Cutting of woven label (cloth, woven label, trademark). At present, we mainly use two working modes: automatic camera and semi-automatic manual cutting. The accuracy mainly depends on the debugging and positioning accuracy of the machine. Each weaving reed has some differences, and each cutting along the edge is impossible. For cutting requirements, we use a method similar to ordinary cloth cutting, but because the woven label is much larger in accuracy and hardness than the cloth, there is also a large difference in light intensity and speed. Speed and light intensity depend on the specific machined part.

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