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The latest method of crystal carving

The latest method of crystal carving

The latest method of crystal carving

The laser is the most useful tool for engraving artificial crystals (also called "crystal glass"). Using laser engraving machine 's internal engraving technology, the packaging design engraves the flat or three-dimensional pattern inside the crystal glass.

Carving is an ancient art. Generally, the carving process starts from the outside, and the desired shape is carved from the outside of the material, but the laser can be used to "handle the feet" like Sun Wukong. If you look closely, there are no openings around these glass and crystal products for the "carver" to enter and exit. In this regard, the laser is more brilliant than Sun Wukong, and the packaging design company Sun Monkey needs to have a gap when drilling into the stomach of others. Too! The principle of laser engraving is actually very simple.

For a laser to be able to sculpt glass, its energy density must be greater than a certain threshold value, or threshold, that causes the glass to break. The energy density of a laser somewhere is related to the size of its spot at that point. The smaller the same laser beam, the smaller the spot The greater the energy density generated in the place. In this way, through proper focusing, the energy density of the laser can be lower than the damage threshold of the glass before entering the glass and reaching the processing area, and exceeding the critical value in the area where processing is desired. The laser of the ultrasonic cleaner in a very short time A pulse is generated, and its energy can cause the crystal to be thermally broken in an instant, thereby generating extremely small white spots, carving a predetermined shape inside the glass, and the rest of the glass or crystal remaining intact as it is.

The general 3D imaging technology uses graphics methods to obtain 3D images. It is necessary to project a bright laser to measure the object. The cleaning machine uses the distance of the laser beam to process the image and model of the object. The whole process is very complicated. It takes multiple shots to obtain a 3D image of the object, which is expensive and slow, especially not suitable for capturing images of moving objects. The whole process sometimes takes tens of minutes, and objects cannot move during shooting. This means that this photography technique can only be applied to landscapes and stationary objects. Later people invented 3DFlash! Photography technology, this technology has absolute advantages in photographing the human body-you can obtain high resolution in 0.01 seconds, and obtain accurate three-dimensional data of the human face.

3DFlash! The three-dimensional flash can be connected with a common two-dimensional digital camera to project a special raster code onto the surface of an object, a furnace and a digital camera to capture this coded image. Through special decoding software, analyze the encoded image to find the 3D information of the X, Y, and Z axes of the image. In this step, the processed image is a 3D mesh portrait composed of a grid. The next step is to give the face Stick to skin and color. After completion, a complete 360-degree 3D avatar was created on the computer. The computer of the drying equipment enters the information into the internal carving machine, and then a perfect portrait internal carving craft can be produced.

The combination of laser technology and numerical control technology can constitute an efficient automated laser equipment , which opens up a broad prospect for high-quality, efficient and low-cost processing and production. Han's Yueming laser engraving machine is a high-tech integrated new laser device that combines laser technology and computer technology. Realize three-dimensional dynamic precision laser engraving in crystal and glass, which solves the problem of slow engraving speed, unstable system work, lost laser points, incomplete functions of image and word processing software, use of computer interface control card, uneven laser explosion points, automatic control Incomplete equipment and low cost performance of equipment. Comprehensively improved the efficiency, accuracy, maintainability, versatility and safety of the system.

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