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Laser cutting machine: the development of packaging and printing industry stems from technological innovation

Laser cutting machine: the development of packaging and printing industry stems from technological innovation

The gradual recovery of the global economy has also brought opportunities to the development of China's packaging and printing industry. The packaging and printing industry has undergone a process of slow development, from manual operation in closed workshops to modernization and industrialization.

At present, China's packaging and printing industry has taken a big step forward on the road to modernization, greatly reducing the gap with advanced countries, and has formed a more reasonable production layout and complete categories, integrating machinery, electronics, laser, and chemical industries. System engineering, using advanced technology laser cutting machine , it can be said that China's packaging industry has undergone a profound technological change.

The wide application of laser cutting machines has brought advanced technology, high-quality, high-tech processing operations to the enterprise, and of course, healthy market competition. As more foreign capital enters, packaging and printing companies will Get more funding for technological transformation. Makes China's packaging printing technology level to a new level. It can be said that the world's most advanced technology and equipment are available in China, and high-quality printing products are emerging endlessly and are continuously sent to all parts of the world. China has become an important processing base in the world.

With technological innovation, many well-known packaging and printing companies have entered the top 500, and some have become listed companies. It has played a demonstration, driving and supporting role in the development of the national packaging and printing industry, and has made great contributions to China's economic development and foreign trade. Many packaging and printing companies already have the ability to compete in the international market. China's packaging and printing industry further meets domestic and foreign market demands.

China's packaging and printing industry, like the entire Chinese national economy, has sent out amazing energy, and China has become a major printing country in the world. This fully proves that the call for technological innovation formulated by our party is very correct, and technological innovation is the driving force for the development of China's packaging and printing industry. President Hu Jintao mentioned in the report of the 17th National Congress of the CPC that technological innovation is the key decision that determines the destiny of contemporary China and the only way to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The correct policy of the Party has enabled the rapid development of China's packaging and printing industry, while embodying the important role of laser cutting machines in the packaging and printing industry.

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