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Application of laser cutting machine in packaging products industry

Application of laser cutting machine in packaging products industry

Laser cutting machines add new features to packaging products that are not available with traditional methods such as blades and other mechanical methods. The laser beam is very sharp, which avoids the quality problems of uneven die-cut lines that occur with traditional methods. The die cutting line generated by the laser can ensure uniformity in depth and width, so that the quality of the packaged product is guaranteed, and the strength and shielding of each packaged product are the same.

After the control software is installed in the laser cutting machine , users can adjust the parameters in the software to change the depth of the groove marks to match different types of packaging materials. In this way, the time and cost of inserting the blade and the slotting of the die are saved, and the work efficiency is improved. The laser cutting machine can not only be operated as a stand-alone device, but also can be integrated into existing production lines, which is very flexible.

Recent breakthroughs in laser technology and numerical control technology have improved the application of laser cutting machines in the field of packaging design. In addition to laser grooving, you can also cut, hollow, or mix the two. Laser cutting machines can work the same in all directions, and can be positioned at high speed to generate complex and irregular shapes.

Just modify the parameters in the program, you can control the laser to modify the shape of the packaging product or simply adjust the size. Complex shapes and required holes can also be easily generated without the need to distort the beam or to accurately position other features. The cutting force nature of the laser cutting machine allows it to process brittle and thin materials. The sharpness of the laser makes it possible to process materials that are prone to problems with traditional methods, such as friction and sticky materials on the back.

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