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Laser cutting machine: development status of sports shoe soles in China

Laser cutting machine: development status of sports shoe soles in China

Under the influence of the economic crisis, the global structural adjustment of the footwear industry has shifted the focus, technology and investment of the world's top brands and the soles of sports shoes to the domestic market. The application of laser cutting machines will definitely promote the rapid growth of domestic consumer demand for sports shoe soles.

With the adjustment of the world shoe industry structure, the world's top brands such as Adidas, Nike, Reebok and Puma have all settled in China. Data show that Adidas has more than 40 contracted factories in China, Nike has 120 contracted factories, and 90% of Mizuno sports shoes production comes from China.

In 2009, the world ’s total demand for sports shoe soles was about 7 billion pairs, of which more than 50% were produced in China, with an average annual growth rate of more than 150%, showing a continuous growth trend. Demand for foreign brands, domestic famous brands and miscellaneous brands has been increasing year by year. Among them, domestic famous brands are higher than international brands, and domestic miscellaneous brands have the lowest demand.

Sports shoes are light, comfortable and generously popular. Western developed countries, such as the United Kingdom, wear 80% of sports shoes outside formal occasions. Sample surveys in Hong Kong show that 70% -80% wear sports shoes. The modern lifestyle and sports consumption concept have brought huge development potential and demand space to the world sports shoe sole industry.

With the rapid development of China's sports shoe sole market, its market development prospects, the application and development of laser cutting machines have become the focus of attention of enterprises. Understanding the current market classification of sports shoe sole products, market composition and future development trends is critical for companies to improve product technical specifications and market competitiveness.

Technology is the primary productive force. The development of the sports shoe sole industry is booming, and the assistance of laser cutting machines is needed.

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