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Advantages of laser cutting over traditional die cutting

Advantages of laser cutting over traditional die cutting

In industries such as computer embroidery and cloth toys, knife molds are used to cut various substrates. Knife molds are expensive to make and take longer to make. If the size needs to be adjusted, the original die is basically unusable. In particular, the effect of the knife mold on cutting the fabric is not ideal, and it is easy to cause the fabric to dethread due to the deformation and dullness of the cutting edge, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the subsequent process operations. When encountering small batch orders, the impact of knife molds on production costs will be more obvious.

With laser cutting technology, the above problems can be solved easily. Especially for those with higher polyester or polyamide content, the advantages of laser cutting will be more obvious. Because the laser can slightly cut the edges of this type of fabric, this forms a welded edge that will not loosen, and the edge can be cut without any treatment (no trimming and no folding). The laser cutting technology replaces the metal knife with a laser knife, and is equipped with a scientific and reasonable mechanical design to achieve a cutting speed of more than 40 meters per minute, and it runs smoothly, the cut is fine and smooth, and the function is powerful, thereby solving the problems of computer embroidery and clothing proofing. Many difficult problems faced in the production process using mechanical cutting.

In addition, the use of ordinary knives for engraving leather materials, or carving various decorative characters or patterns on the leather surface, is very difficult to process. Laser cutting technology can be used to "carve" many artificial micromaterials that are hard to detect with the naked eye. Perforations, which can greatly improve the permeability and durability of the material, and improve the grade of the product.

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