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Application of laser cutting machine in toy industry

Application of laser cutting machine in toy industry

Laser cutting machine can improve working efficiency, improve processing quality, reduce production costs and increase product profits. Improving the production process and upgrading the product level have become the hotspots pursued by the majority of toy factories.

In the traditional process of making velvet and plush toys, props or electric irons are usually used to cut toy parts. The molds have high finished products, long production time, low cutting accuracy, and low reuse rate. For different size toy workpieces, To make blades of different shapes and sizes, if this shape or size cannot be used in the future, the knife mold will become disposable and very wasteful. In particular, it is easy to cause the toy surface to be stripped due to the deformation and dullness of the cutting edge, which seriously affects the work efficiency and quality of the toy factory. The ironing tablets are not only slow, the labor and cloth loss are large, but the processing smoke is strong, which is harmful to health. Especially in the processing of high-grade cloth velvet toys. Traditional processing equipment has become increasingly powerless.

The advent and application of laser cutting machine successfully solved the above problems. Advanced numerical control operation and non-contact processing method not only ensure the high-speed stability of the laser equipment, but also ensure the fine, smooth and precise incision of the incision, especially in the eye, nose and ear equivalent parts of animal toys and cartoon toys. Even more handy.

Especially for the toy industry's advanced functions such as automatic feeding, intelligent typesetting, multi-head cutting, and mirror cutting of symmetrical parts. The application of these functions not only meets the production characteristics of large quantities, strict requirements, and complicated process technology in toy factories, but also saves materials, saves energy and environmental protection, improves product quality, and improves processing efficiency and profit. The laser cutting machine was successfully used in the production of Olympic Fuwa. The huge base of the world's 6.6 billion people and the continuous and rapid development of the industrial economy have determined the strong market demand for home textiles, toys, trademarks, automotive interiors and other industries. Related to this, advanced processing technologies have become increasingly common among manufacturers. Hot spots of concern.

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