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Company Introduction

Guangdong Han's Yueming Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise under Shenzhen Han's Laser Technology Co., Ltd. (company stock abbreviation: Han's Laser, stock code: 002008), which integrates laser, precision machinery, numerical control and modern management. Specializing in R & D, production, sales and maintenance of industrial laser equipment. The company is located in Songshan Lake National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, where high-tech enterprises gather in China. Here, R & D institutions are gathered, and scientific and technological elites are gathered. Han's Yueming Laser relies on the diversified information and high-tech talent advantages of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macao and Dongguan, as well as the developed light industrial machinery and electronic product manufacturing base in the Pearl River Delta. After years of steady development, it has modern production bases covering an area of 100,000 square meters in Guangdong, Shanghai and Jiangsu, more than 100 sets of precision machining equipment, and more than 1,000 highly qualified employees with various professional skills. Among them are 6 young and middle-aged optical experts, 33 masters and 86 bachelor engineers. Established laser application technology and electrical control technology research institutes in Dongguan and Shanghai respectively, and established long-term stability with many well-known universities and research institutions in China, such as the Shanghai Institute of Optoelectronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, South China University of Technology, South China Normal University, Jinan University, etc. Interactive partnership.

Han's Yueming Laser always adheres to the business philosophy of “winning the market with technology and repaying customers with high-quality services”, adhering to the corporate spirit of “unity, hard work, truth-seeking, and innovation” and making continuous contributions to the revitalization of the national laser industry. Han's Yueming Laser has launched more than one hundred models of various industrial laser equipments in the global market, with an annual production and sales capacity of more than 10,000 units (sets).

We not only manufacture all kinds of industrial laser equipment with excellent performance, but also an authoritative provider of laser application process solutions and perfect and fast after-sales service.
Faced with many uneven laser equipment manufacturers in China, it may make it difficult for you to choose. Han's Yueming Laser sincerely invites you to come to our factory in Jiangsu, Dongguan or Shanghai to visit and sample. We have the most professional engineers in the industry. Always ready to provide you with the most authoritative technical advice and a variety of personalized application process guidance to ensure that each laser device is tailored to you.
1. Equipment installation training ---- We have established a number of professional laser equipment operation and maintenance training institutions in China. We have spacious and clean classrooms, guest rooms, canteens and professional senior training teachers. Each person operates a computer easily. Complete the course from drawing to various craft making. At the same time, we will regularly send engineers to the first-line markets in various places to hold trainings and process exchanges on the operation of various laser equipment and laser technology applications, so that you can buy with confidence and enjoyment.
2. After-sales service of equipment ---- We have more than 200 after-sales service outlets and more than 100 after-sales service vehicles in the world. 24-hour on-site service. No matter where your factory is located, we have a global customer service system. Can ensure that your laser equipment can continue to create a lot of money for you.
3. Sharing the latest laser technology and market information of various industries --- we have a huge market information collection system in the world, and we are happy to share the latest industry trends and our latest scientific research results with our customers.
4. Listen attentively, change attentively --- We are always concerned about your latest requirements for laser equipment, and are always willing to listen to your valuable opinions; we will try our best to solve any of your problems and the smallest worries; we are happy to help you realize your A grand blueprint; we are willing to grow with you.

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